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CAD/CNC question

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Hi. I have been building my own axes over the summer by hand, and i want to have my guitars made with a CNC machine. My brother and i have come up with some killer desings on CAD KEY19 and really want to make em, but we just dont have the skill, or the time. Are there any companies out there that i can send the file and the wood to that will mill my guitar and neck?

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also, http://www.taigtools.com/ has starter cnc's, but they are in the 1500$ range i think, and dont have the large dimensions like what your looking for.

you have to think that someone making a cnc does it to usually make *small* things at a *high* degree of accuracy (.001").

for a guitar you need *large* at a *medium* accuracy. almost easier to build a copycarver or a ghetto router-mill setup. all the money in a cnc is being automated and accurate. kind of a waste for what were doing

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i beleive jim will provide cnc cervices and even the wood for a price, if you have the files ready to go he's already setup for doing guitars.


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