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Harbor Freight of Europe


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Not exactly, but I find it funny, because we have ALDI in the USA. Haven't even been to a USA ALDI for over 25 years, and all I remember is a bunch of cheap canned and boxed food. But in Europe, the ALDI stores are a little different. Yes, they also sell food, but sometimes some other stuff too. Yesterday I was there and they had digital calipers for 12 euro each, so I bought 2 of those. Then they had a whole set of Dremel copy bits for 4 euro (heck, just the stack of fiber-glass cut-off wheels in it, is worth 4 euro), So I bought that (last one still there), then I bought this Dremel copy for 16 euro. came with several bits, a "telescoping" hanger with bench clamp so you can hang the moto-tool from that when using the flex-shaft attachment that came with it. I figured it wouldn't run as smooth as my Dremel, but it actually runs smoother than my Dremel. Brand name is ' King Craft '. Probably made in China, but corrupt European business practices allow them to keep that info hidden, and put labels on the stuff as if it was made in Europe.

When I first had the stuff at home, I was a little disappointed that the calipers were reading my feeler gauges a half a thou too big. Then I cleaned them and they were right on the money.

The only tool out of all these going back to the USA is one of the calipers.

Anyway, when I'm back in the USA, I'll be wondering what kind of deals I'll be missing at ALDI Europe. LOL

I heard you can join their e-mail alert, and they tell you in advance what the next weeks special offers are going to be. I think the special offers happen every thursday, at least in Germany.

Oh, yeah, I had bought a nice big vise there about 2 months ago for 13 euro.

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