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wiring a single coil with a volume pot


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whats up people, i need help, i need to ghetto rig my guitar temporarlily till i get my kramer... anyway, i have a jackson jdr 94 concept, my humbuckers are messed up and i only have my middle pos. single coil... i have it semi wired now and it has lots of hum and buzz... i need to know how to ground it the right way and stuff like that, i have a 500k volume pot and a stereo jack i used for my old emg. please help, i will post a pic of it soon

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heres my guitar cavity pics the huge group of black wires are ground i belive... theres a little tab looking thing screwed into the cavity wall with the wires attached, so i figured it must be ground so i soldered the trem ground to that and all those to my pot for ground, my hum problem is that it hums unless im holding the cable (metal part) whats up with this crap
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