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Bass Pickup Wiring


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I just got myself a pair of G&L Magnetic Field Design bass humbuckers, and so I've started thinking about wiring for them. They are both 4 wire humbuckers (like this), leaving open a whole range of wiring options for me.

However, I really have no idea which features I want for maximum versatility. Which wirings are going to come in most useful, in your opinion and experience:

Coil Taps

-Just inside coils

-Just outside coils

-Choosing either coil from either pickup


-neck pickup

-bridge pickup

-between the two pickups

Volume Controls

-Individual per pickup (with or without toggle)

-Master plus 3 way toggle

-Master, blend, and toggle

Tone Controls

-Master Tone

-One tone per pickup

I can work out schematics and switching (push/pull vs. mini toggle vs. 3-way) by myself; I just was wondering which of these options would come in most handy, while keeping controls on the face of the guitar to a minimum.

Of course there is the ultimate combo, but it's probably not worth the work:

-4 Push/Pull pots: Volume for each coil, pulled up: tone for each coil.

-3 Mini Toggles: Series/Parallel for each pickup, and between the two.

-2 Momentary Mini Toggles: Momentary kill switches

Throw in an active preamp, active/passive switch, 4 band EQ on stacked pots, and you're good to go!

Or maybe not. :D

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Absolutely not! My BC Rich custom shop has a varitone in it, and I use it more often than the selector switch. I would wire it A/B with the EQ, though, so one or the other, not both, were active at any given time, just to avoid confusion, and since the varitone is passive, you might want to add some more preamp gain when it's in the circuit. It would take some work to get it all adjusted so that there weren't any serious volume changes when switching from one to the other, but once you got it tweaked out, it should be really easy to use.

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