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Home theatre speakers


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Ok.. this time it is not about building guitars...but listening to them...:D

I have an old Sony brand Dolby Prologic (not digital) home theatre system with two main speakers with 14,5 cm woofers and 5,5 cm drivers and few tweeters, a center speaker and two satellite speakers in plastic boxes.

What I want to do is to separate woofer drivers from the main speakers and place them in another cabinet and make better cabinets for all speakers. And also have a 5.1 speaker set for a digital A/V receiver.

Practically it can be done easily ofcourse, but will it work good? I'm not expecting a high-end quality. I only want to have better sound and more room around the TV.

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I wouldn't do this. The cabinets are the better part of the cost of many speakers, and to do this right requires knowledge of the Thiele-Small parameters of the bass & mid drivers and proper cab dimensions. You would do much better to just sell them and get better speakers, IMO.

Now, if you just like woodworking and the challenge of the project, cool. Just don't be bummed if the end result sounds worse than it did before.

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Yes.. I want it for the challange actually. I'm not expecting them to sound very good... maybe a little better than it does right now. Right now all I can hear is a full of bass from the front speakers instead of any detail. That's why I want to make a separate woofer box And I'm not planning to sell them because they worth no money.

I've read some articles about this on net and found out that the dimensions and the design of the boxes are very important so I think I will just find a speaker design for my drivers' specs and copy it.

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I'm having trouble understanding this thread - in order to attempt this with any hope of good results, you would have to assume that:

1) You can get access to complete specs for your drivers, and

2) You are better at designing enclosures for these drivers than Sony's production engineers, who specified these drivers to begin with.

Unless you can answer both of these quesions positively without reservation, all you're doing is destroying a fairly decent set of speakers. Doesn't sound like a good idea to me, but they're your speakers ...

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There is another issue as well. The existing speakers are full range speakers, with a built in cross over network. If you separate the woofers from the rest of the speaker, how are you going to: A) Power them. and :D segregate the signals? An old prologic receiver does not have the oomph to do all of this.

If you want to build a cab, buy a guitar amp head and build a cab for that. You should have more success.

Guitar Ed

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