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Specs for next projects

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Well, im only 16 and am in school and in woodshop. This is where i built my first guitar that won first place in the cailiforna state fair. That was last year, this is this year, which means yet more guitar building in school. Last year i thought i took on a big project because i knew nothing about guitars except how to play them. When i decided i was going to build one, i did all the research i could. Little did i know this fourm excisted lol. Would have helped me a lot then. Anyway, last year i only built one guitar. A gibson 76 explorer. Turned out awsome, exspecially since it was my first guitar. This year however im going to bump it up a level and build two guitars.

1st and formost:

Les Paul Standard Limited Edition


Same exact specs as normal les paul standard, except im going to use les paul custom inlays (the square ones) instead of the normal trapazoid inlays. Will also have a really thin neck on it. So that way i can use it for speed or rythem stuff. Will be dyed with a blueish greenish color (still not sure what its going to look like cause im going to mix blue and green dye until i get what i like).

2nd and will work on when not working on les paul:

Ibanez Steve vai Jem7dbk


Same as normal vai, except will have emg pickups and a floydrose speedloader tremelo. Will be matte black with a shiny black dirpped over top for a "textured" look.

Any questions just ask, also, if anyone has information about these guitars (i.e. the thickness of bodys and stuff along those lines) let me know please.


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les paul standard....don't know alot of specs on that one...but if it was me making it,i would modify the body to be thinner

but it is a honduran mahogany body and neck,5/8" maple cap(?)correct me if i am wrong

that would be hard maple...not soft...

i would use a tone pros bridge...i like them because they lock on the studs and don't fall off when restringing

nitro laquer finish...i would use a graphite nut...

there you go..those are my opinions :D

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