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fretboard binding


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Hi, i am putting an ebony fretboard on my geetar. I dont want binding, or at least visible binding. I also dont want to see the bit of the fret that is pushed into the fretboard. (Whats that called?) So i figure i can do it 3 ways...

1. Do the frets as you would when you pre bind the fretboard, then fill the end of the slots with black wood filler of some sort.

2. Bind the fretboard with ebony. Maybe buy a second fretboard blank and make my own binding strips?

3. Bind the fretboard with black binding. Maybe find some plastic binding that looks like ebony?

any comments or sugestions of which will be the best option?



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Epoxy will also stick to the metal frets.* Water-based glue won't.

If you're using sawdust for color, you want it as fine as possible. (From 300-600 grit paper.) That allows it to mix consistently and throroughly.

However, I would recommend using black dye; it mixes better and it only takes a little bit to get the right color. (Too much of anything will weaken the filler.)

The stuff I use (see my recent post on adhesives) can be ordered with the appropriate type of dye.

If you use water-based glue, then you would use a powdered dye that works with water-based products... like the powder they use in water-soluble wood stains.

*To keep epoxy or fiberglass resin from sticking to metal, coat the metal with a thin layer of oil or wax.


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They have white too. At least they did for awhile. I know if something doesn't sell well enough they'll pull it. But you can get it at a good hobby store too, because they use it for tires. It's called tire adhesive but it's just the same stuff in the same bottle as the regular superglues. I guess the remote control car guys get up to high enough speeds that the tires get hot and slip off. But that's where I got my last bottle of it, and I didn't notice any difference between that and the Stew-Mac stuff.

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