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Pickup Rewiring Query


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Hello all,

I am in need of some advice.

A friend of mine has asked me to attempt to "fix" his Jackson. Basically something went wrong and he had to solder everything to everything as he required that guitar for a examination hours after it broke.

I've been given it in parts and have, after doing some research, attempted to wire up as this schematic shows...


Only thing is there is no tone knob so basically missed that out.

Got it all wired up today, plugged it in, got some hiss, volume knob just increased amount of hiss and no sound coming from the pickups...

As I am new to this I am now lost as to what to do...

One thing I think might be the problem is (sorry in advance if this is a bit confusing) The 5 way selector switch in the schematic is 2 rows of 4 connectors, in real life I have a soild row of 8 connectors, so there is a good chance something has went wrong here, I may have something connected where it should not.

Can anyone help...? Any advice would be hugely appreciated, does anyone have a suggestion to what I may have done wrong?

Thanks In Advance Dougie

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