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Fender neck angle


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I'm nearly certain there isn't one. I don't have a Tele, but on my MIM Strat the headstock is parallel with the fretboard, and maybe 3/8" (eyeball) lower than the fretboard surface.

Edit: Ah, maybe you mean the upper edge of the headstock, where the tuners go? That I don't know; I think it is shallower than on a strat.

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Measuring from the back of a Tele neck......(which starts out being milled flat.......then the contour of the neck is shaped)......... At the headstock.....9/16in........At the heel.....3/4in......plus the thickness of the fretboard....1/4in.....For a total 1in, as AlexVDL stated.

The thickness of the headstock can be drum sanded to the 9/16in dimension.....thus giving the arc towards the fretboard. A sanding drum of 2 1/2in or 3in (about the diameter of a beer can!) should put you in the ballpark.....I can't recall the exact size needed.

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The finished dimensions on both were around 0.86" at the first fret, increasing to about 0.90" at the 12th fret and just under an inch on the heel.

....These dimensions are both taken at given points along the contour(taper) of the neck...It does not address the question of overall thickness....only the taper or the depth of the neck along the first 12 frets.....The wood for a bolt on neck of this type(Tele), Starts out as 4/4 stock and is milled to a finished thickness of 3/4in....Then a 1/4in fretboard is added........The depth at the first and 12th frets is irrelevant at this point.

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