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Bandsaw AGAIN


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im using a 12" bandsaw right now. just shy wide enough to turn my whole body around in it (13" wide body arrrg). and the bandsaw is easily my fave tool in the shop. pretty dang safe, cuts fast and not to bad learning curve.

what type of wood are you going to be using?

www.grizzly.com has some pretty good deals i bet.

how much do you have to spend?

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My problem with most band saws blades is that they don't make turns as sharp as some of the heavy jig saw blades.... so I would vote for BOTH.

Use the hand held jig saw to cut off the corners and create the right general shape. Then place the slightly smaller (easier to handle) piece of wood on the band saw so you can get closer to your tracing lines and smooth out the cuts.

But that's just my opinon. Void were prohibited. Not suitable for children with small parts.


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^^^ that or you can get a smaller blade like a 1/8 blade so you can make curves and what not, i use a 5/8 blade and i make relief cuts, much easier then tryin to get close on one pass, ive gotten good enough with the bandsaw that i can rough shape a body within 1/4 in a very short time and then finish it off with a router for nice smooth sides


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...This is my opinion, for what it's worth..

I had this same dilemer about a month ago.

I am a complete newbie, and the jigsaw was SO much cheaper...

I figured, that for the money, I'd get a good jigsaw...this was for the following reasons.

a) better product for still less money that a bandsaw...Besides - if it can do the job, why waste the money on something else that is unnecessary?

b ) more versatile - I can use it for all sorts of projects, on site, etc..

c) I don't care how long it takes to cut a body out - I'm doing this as a hobby, not a job, so I don't mind taking my time, I doubt, with my skills, that a bandsaw would make life so much easier or quicker...

d) heaps easier to store.

I haven't bought anything yet, but I've decided on a jigsaw...

I guess it depends on if you're going to get better use out of a jigsaw or bandsaw...Both will do the job, it just depends on money and/or time...

For me, money is more important than my time...so...jigsaw wins.


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problem with a jig saw is that you will break a lot of blades and eventually burn the motor out.

I have sprung for a band saw and its worth it. look on ebay for used items, they hold thier value very well, also look in the classifieds or go to a lumber yard and seee if they let people post thier for sale stuff.

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better product for still less money that a bandsaw...Besides - if it can do the job, why waste the money on something else that is unnecessary?

b ) more versatile - I can use it for all sorts of projects, on site, etc

Better product?......More versatile? I guess I'll have to try resawing some macassar ebony fretboards on a jig saw! LOL!!!! C'mon.....A bandsaw is the safest, most versatile saw in any shop.......Both a jig saw and a bandsaw have their strong points, but it is an apples to oranges comparison. If you are building guitars, a 14in bandsaw is almost a necessity.

On the Rigid bandsaw....I looked at one at Home Depot the other day and I must say that you get a substantial machine for the money.......For only about double the money of a good jig saw, you can have a much more useful tool which will make life much easier in your shop.......I personally have 3 bandsaws....an 8in Delta....a 14in Delta....and a 36in Powermatic(Griggio).

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when i first got my bandsaw(a 9"...so it is very tiny)i was amazed at how much better of a tool it is than a jigsaw...

i can cut out the body shapes much more accurately,and unlike a jigsaw...the cuts stay at a 90 degree angle to the top around corners

it also cuts fretboards to shape and thickness(then all you have to do is run it through a surface planer)and it makes those tiny headstock cuts as well.

with a shallow blade,you can cut sharper corners than a jigsaw as well...a jigsaw is not really made to cut 1 3/4" stock around corners,the tip of the blade tends to drift.

it can be done...i have done it,but it is much easier to make a quality instrument if you don't have to use up your patience on sanding the edges back out square...

and patience is something all of us have a tough time keeping

a 14" would be much more suitable though than the 9" i have

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From what I've seen, heard & read, the best 14" bandsaws are:

Delta (drawback is it's retail for $700+ USD)

Jet, retails about $500 and is just about as good as Delta

Rigid $380-ish, and is pretty much identical to the Jet except for open base/stand vs. enclosed Jet, so it's a little noisier and doesn't have the heft or weight that the above two have.

I'm personally saving for the Jet, but I think the Ridgid/Rigid however its spelled is perhaps the best deal, and just about as good.

I am getting by with a jigsaw for now and a drill-powered small bandsaw (don't ask), but I hope to do my own resawing and will pretty much use the bandsaw as my central tool, for whatever I can think of.

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I have a Grizzly G0555. It's a great, great saw. The fence and miter gauge come with it for $375. I just bought two suffolk machinery blades. They're great. Much better than the included blade.

Also, I bought the $50 6" riser kit as well. This is one of my favorite tools. It's powerful, accurate, smooth and quiet. A great saw.


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