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pre radiused board inlays

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You could do this with thin woods if they were heat bent, or plastics if you do the same (carefully), but your better of just using adequately thick materials instead. Another method is to just glue up your inlay pattern pieces together on the radius using wax paper underneath so the inlays conform to the shape of the board, then remove them, then glue/scribe, inlay the curved inlay. This only works on multi-piece inlays along the length of the board. If your just looking for large one piece inlays for fret markers just use thicker materials. You should be able to get away without sanding through using .06" minimum.

I only inlay on pre-radiused boards. It's the right way to do it. Inlaying then radiusing takes off too much shell pattern, and you can't plan for color control around that as much.

Craig Lavin

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