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routing truss rod with table router...


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Hey, I did mine with a table router.

first I had a good strong fence set up on the table (on the far side) and marked out where I wanted the channel to go, and got all the meausrements and so on and so fourth (basic stuff) making sure the bit was directly on the centerline with the board and all. Then I marked out on the fence, and on the board where to begin and stop. And I would line the board up. (take into account that the bit is round).

Then I took the board, and got a forstner drill bit that was the exact same size as the router bit, and I taped off the bit to the depth I wanted, then using my drill press I made the begining hole. (if I was using a plunge router on top of the board this would not be nesscary)

Then turn the router on, and hold the peice square over the bit, and get the bit right in the hole you made with your drill, and make 1/8th inch passes untill you get the depth you want.

later I squared the channel out with a chissle, because I wanted to get a square channel (the nut is at the bridge side of the neck) so I wanted to make it pritty.

Good luck. Becareful with that router!

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