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Semi-hollow Flying V/Explorer

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Well, it depends how strong the wood is!

I know, it sounds like a truism, but I'm serious. If you use 1/8" mahogany, it'll probably puncture pretty easily. On the other hand, if you use 1/4" or thicker, it'll be strong enough as long as you dont go around -trying- to smash it. Also, a stronger wood like maple or walnut would prove, well, stronger.

As for the edges (edge to cavity edge), I'd make them plenty thick. I can't give you any actual measurements, as I have never built a hollowbody myself.

Another option is many smaller chambers, like Warmoth.com does their bodies. that will add quite a bit of strength and rigidity.

Good luck!

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Would this idea work...iwas leaning towards the explorer...but i would like to make them both. Would they work or would the Explorer body be to weak?

Luthier Danny Ferrington made acoustic guitars with explorer body shapes and he didn't have any problems with them. I don't think there's anything inherently weak about the shape.

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