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3-way toggle switch to cut of signal


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I have a 3-way gibson style toggle switch, and i want to put it in between the volume and the input jack, so I can use it to switch the signal on and off. It has three prongs, and one on the other side, which wires do I connect to which prong?

I was thinking put the right one to the volume pot, the middle to the input jack, and the left prong to earth which would lead to nothing obviosuly, causing the silence. Anyone want to correct me?

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Ok the one prong on its own on one side should be grounded. this is to ground the switch. then your right after that. Middle to the live jack terminal. right/left to volume pot. and right/left (depending on which went to vol) goes o ground jack terminal. And there you have it, one kill switch (which will cut signal in two out of the three possible switch positions). Hope that helps.

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