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Want to start my guitar project

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I am about to start my first DIY guitar. I woul like to start with a evh/axis swamp ash body with only HB and 1 SC, maybe a wilkinson vibrato (floyds are a PIA) but I am facing some troubles.

Problem 1: I am located in Lisbon, Portugal so ordering from Warmoth end up being too expensive (whether the body of even only the wood blank). And warmoth seems to be the only provider making those bodies (been searching the net all over and couldn't find any). Are there any other provider that sell pre-made evh/axis kind of guitar bodies? So now I'm thinking that I better buy the wood and cut it myself.

Problem 2: Where can I buy the wood? Any European supplyers? Here in Lisbon they only have oak or mahogany (which is not the king of sound I am looking to). Swamp Ash is inexistant, koa, and other exotic wood are also MIA, and I don't even talk about those beautiful quiltet tops. Any advice?

Problem 3: I can't find any drawing, nor tempate of that evh/axis body nowhere. For those who do not know what body I am talking about, its the one of the Musicman Van Halen signature model (Not the Peavey Wolfgang). And I don't have any around here I could copy from too. Any help?

Thanx again


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hey, i'm from Lisbon also,

for decent wood at reasonable prices try out http://www.touchstonetonewoods.co.uk, i've ordered some neck blanks, flat rate of around 20 euro for parcels under 30Kg. can't help you on the EVH body, for pre-made bodies and other stuff check http://www.allparts.uk.com/

welcome to the forum, thought i was the only portuguese here

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