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String-thru designs

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Designing my pseudo-kit guitar. (got a body and neck from warmoth already, I will do the rest of the work). Anyways, I was hoping to do a string through the body type of bridge, but my research on these bridges has been difficult. I have not decided on the actual bridge to use yet, but was trying to figure out what to do after that. I've heard people say they have angled the holes through the body. I've seen designs where the strings going through the body are staggered (like the string saddles on a strat), in a V shape, and just a straight line. Does the arrangment of strings after the bridge matter at all? Or is it just aesthetic differences?

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I can only add a little to this --

Godin guitars ... I just looked at and touched 2 of these at a local store.

You may want to take a peek at some of these for inspiration.

They do interesting things with string-thru (holes & channels-holes, staggered & not, inlayed/inserted metal piece in back to aid in holding strings)

What I've read --

The angle of strings across the bridge is important, but I am not sure why I heard that. I assume a sharp angle is bad for the strings, and a too-flat angle doesn't give enough downward pressure (affecting sustain, etc.?)

There are some issues around the ferrules and fitting them.

Sorry its not complete thoughts, but I hope it helps somehow.

-- joe

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ive built 3 guitars with em so far, im never goin back to a stop piece again, a waste of money as far as im concerned, the sustain is great with em even on a bolt, as far as patterning ive done v shaped and thats it but whatever works for ya, as far as bridges are concerned i use gibson abr-1 tune o matics just a personal preference, i ve also used a tone pros which was way expensive and im not really seeing much better results in the tone area in comparison to the gibson abr's


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let me just add a little bit..the angle of the string when it breaks over the saddle is very important to the tone of a guitar. i just had to cut a new saddle for my takamine acoutstic because i had cut the saddle down a little too far trying to get a great action and it altered the tone. it now sounds a lot like a sitar. the new saddle is probably no more than 1/16" taller than the old one but it changed the tone tremendously and it's now back where it should be.

i've only built two electrics with string through design and in both cases i just tried to copy the angle on the other electrics in my shop and it worked.

i just checked a les paul that i have here and the strings exit the tailpiece approximately an inch and a half from the saddles. you could probably safely use that as a guideline.

if anyone here has the technical knowledge or knows of a link i'd be really interested in any hard data available about this.

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