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I have bought a Behringer V-amp 2 (after being convinced to do so by friends, sound samples, online reviews, and great price)...

the thing came today, i plugged it up, everything lit up, everything was working ( i did not plug it up to amp / pc as yet at that point).

all amp modesl changed, etc etc, all was working fine.

then at one point, the v-amp just stopped responding, and began flashing with buttons from top to bottom, like it does when you turn it on (has no on/off switch, turns on automatically with power cord put it).....

then it just turned off and would not turn back on - no matter if which connections were in, which sockets i used.. etc - nothin would happen, no response what so ever.

now, i noticed the adapter got very hot, and took a while to cool down.

however when i plugged it in aftewards, and left it, the adapter heated up only slightly.

so what could be wrong??? fuse gone in the adaptor? v-amp itself ****ing up?

i read all i could find on it on the web, and nothing mentions this sort of problem...

i DID buy it second hand, from ebay, but since it worked perfectly fine when i plugged it in (well, as far as controls etc go - but didnt test its sounds) i am sure it was not sold in a broken state (or could it have been a persisting problem? - but then why hasnt the v-amp switched back on after i let adapter cool down?)

i have no idea what to do, just gonna email the seller for advice and maybe ask behringer for advice (since this isnt covered by guarantee?)

any ideas guys? what do i do? what can i do?

that coming at a really bad time.... as i had been looking forward to playing wit hmy new toy after a heart break... :D

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It wouldn't be a blown fuse, since that would remove ALL load from the circuit...

Offhand, it's an odd problem. I'd start by verifying that the adaptor itself is functioning correctly. A multimeter will confirm that. From there...I dunno if you wanna open the thing up to start digging, but I'd at least give it a glance-over to see if anything looks to be shorting/suffering from heat damage on the inside...

Good luck man, let us know what happens!

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I will suggest you e-mail them at info.us@behringer.de they are in Germany but will probably have a tech service here. I think that nomather how much you save, I would have bought it new since they are cheap anyway. Check the voltage coming out of the tranformer, and then check the Vamp for any burnt smell or if it has a fuse check that too.

Good luck.

And the transformer on this little things get pretty hot, As mine on the GNX1 do. But have it check.

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