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4 string to 5 string conversion

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ok, i so i have a standard, run of the mill, p-bass. and i was wanting to "spruce" it up a bit.

is a 4 string to 5 string conversion possible without a whole lot of money being spent?

what i was wondering was: do i have to buy a new neck that is set up for 5 strings, or do i have the option to add another kewind to my existing neck?

also: i have seen some people do conversions (i havent found a tutorial or anything that answers my questions, if anyone knows, can you point to it) but what i was wonder was do i have to change the pickups, and if so what to?

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Hipshot actually makes a 5-string conversion kit for 4-string Precision basses. It includes a 5-string bridge that fits the standard Fender mounting pattern, plus an extra tuner and a nut blank. It's pictured in the lower left corner of their main page.

I'm thinking of buying the kit for my mongrel P-Bass, which i usually keep tuned down to B anyway. The Badass II bridge on it doesn't take really heavy strings very well, so i was thinking i might convert it to a 5.

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yeah,i saw that and started looking at separate items to convert it. its just so much, but i guess its worth it. do you think they would change the keywinds for some other ones. im not a big fan of the ones that ocme on the neck.

how would i go about installing it? just drill a hole for the new keywind in the neck? like they have pictured on hipshots site?

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