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Various nuts n bolts

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Well. Since the person I commissioned to build a custom neck for me 9 months ago STILL has yet to finish and ship it. Let alone the other one I wanted as well (I'll explain in another longer post), I've decided to just put my Jackson (which I was using for parts) back together. In the span of 9months I've lost a few screws.

If anyone has extra of the following can you PM me?

1 needed, 1 wanted(one is slightly bent but works) long fine threaded screw and spring used for EMG humbuckers to put it on the humbucker ring.

a handful of the small screws used to screw in the electronics/trem cover plates.

Not needed, but would like 3 new EMG quick connect wires.

If anyone has any extras can you PM me and I'll buy them off ya (paypal is an option).

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