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Atempting to re-make the RD


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Hello, Have any of you seen an RD Artist Bass (Gibson). Lemme tell ya, they're awesome! But, Unfortunately, They haven't been made since 1982, Thus they are expensive and hard to find. So I have decided to try and re-create this bass, Which is a task I've never heard of anyone else trying to take-on. The problem is that info and parts are rare and I'm not willing to improvise past a certain extent. I need a complete wiring diagram (for the bass, not the guitar) with pictures, maybe a place that is selling the circut board, I need a good peice(s) of ard maple thats at least 20''X15''X1 3/4'' (for the body), I need a neck blank that allows a 34 3/8'' scale (maybe with extra room for the peg-head) that can be attached to the body the way Gibsons are (not neck-thru but kind of glued on somehow), and pretty much any info or other materials you know of. I have found alot of info and materials, but who knows, I surely overlooked alot of stuff.



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