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How much does building cost?

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Another thing the impacts the cost is how close to a factory guitar do you want it to be? The closer to stock, the more reasonable the factory guitar becomes.

Keep in mind, that when Fender sells a set of PUPs (for instance) to your dealer, and the dealer sells them to you, they both charge to cover their costs and make a bit of profit.

I figure that Fender spends about $0.025 to $0.40 for every dollar you spend when you buy an item separately.

If you want something exotic or weird, like a quilted maple top or a day-glo orange paint job or 3 P-90s with a 4-way switch, then building your own becomes more reasonable.

But the real reason to build your own guitar is for the sheer fun, pleasure, and satisfaction. Because building is all of that and more. And it can become addictive.

Guitar Ed

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It all depends on if you want to mimick the exact specifications of a Strat, and is you are building or buying all the parts. In general, I would think building a guitar is usually cheaper than buying it's counterpart, but the amount of work and time involved may offset that all. I'll put it this way: I can build the guitar of my dreams with just $500, and there is nothing more I can dream of.

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