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tilt/slant humbucker.....problems?

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i am planing to tilt/slant my humbucker on my strat....but the thing it,does it really make a difference?

the humbucker is now in a normal postion

the problems i forsee is the alightment of the pole pieces after that ,how about the james tyler line of guitars.....their pickups are normally slanted too.....and those early kramer single humbucking guitar,how do they solve this problem.

any routing on a existing guitar ,how do u prevent serious crakcs

and lastly,compared to a normal postion humbucker,does it really has a difference

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I am not sure I can answer you question. Do you have the swimming pool route on your Strat or is it the individual P/U routes? If it is the swimming pool route you don't need to route anything, so you don't have to worry about the finish cracking.

If not you can tape the finish before you route to help avoid any finish cracking.

But, I don't believe I've seen a slanted Humbucker??? Single coil yes, but not a Humbucker.

If you do slant the P/U I don't think lining up the pole pieces with strings will be that much of a problem, but you will need a new pickguard.

Hope that helps. Maybe wait awhile for another answer.

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