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Sealing Ash and Tung oil


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I have a Ash body and a maple neck which I am thinking uf using a Tung oil finish on (Any suggesteions) but I was wondering before I use the oil should I use a grain sealer on the Ash?

Does the oil finish come up alright? When I apply it should I buff it after its dry?

Any other info or links.



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It depends on how you apply the Tung Oil.

Some people just sand down the wood until they get to 300 grit, then apply a couple coats of oil. If that's what you want, it's easy and it's painless... and you end with something that looks like it doesn't have any finish on it.

I start applying Tung Oil after I've worked my way down to 120 grit, and it is also a grain filler. I will apply the oil 3-7 times, letting it soak in each time, before walking away and letting it dry. Then I sand, and apply Tung Oil, and sand, and apply Tung Oil, until I have a surface that is as smooth as glass. I apply one or two thin coats to add gloss to the project, then wax it..

You CAN build up Tung Oil to look like a clear-coat type finish, but I feel like it's pointless. If you want a deep clear finish on top of your wood that is hard, use lacquer or varnish or soemthing like that.

If you want a "natural" look, use Tung Oil, and apply it one of the ways described above.

Add the usual disclaimer about "this is just my opinion, and is subject to personal taste..."


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Thanks Dugz,

I presume that after the Tung Oil dries its not "oily"?

What about the Maple neck?Would that come up OK .

Should I buff the body & neck after the last coat?

I dont want a "gloss" finish but a natural look with a bit of sheen.



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