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Custom Color Lacquer Spray Cans


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I have never been one to custom mix my own paint and want to paint my RG copy a Brilliant Blue Lacquer. I wondered if anyone on the forum here has any tips for finding

A Custom Color Lacquer in a spray can? I went to most of the paint departments in Auto Supply stores and haven't been able to find anything that comes close. If you wanna see what color I'm Going for It's on My Photoblog. Also, I've seen a close color in the Createx Airbrush colors as Ultramarine Blue but It's acrylic and don't know if I can mix that with Clear Lacquer and spray it thru my Airbrush. Thanx in advance Folks.

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Thanx www, I did that as well, and came up with auto color paints but I don't even have any idea what color this would have been used on Auto wise.

I did see this place called Tower Paint and Decorateing that will fill spray cans which might be the only chance BUT they charge 14.95 to color match. The only down side.

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