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To glue or not to glue?

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This bridge is for my Teisco resto project:

Gotoh Bridge

I have seen these glued to tops and I have seen them not glued and held down by string tension. The previous owner had this one glued down and I removed it for refinishing.

The question is does it need to be glued down or not when I place it back on the body?

If I do have to glue it my thinking is to dremel away the finish where it will sit and glue it directly to the wood. Is this a good idea or should I not worry about it and glue it on top of the finish?


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I wouldn't glue it down. There is really no reason to. Just my opinion with no facts to back it up, but I've had a lot of semi-hollow with that type of bridge and the string tension is all you need.

Someone might have glued it down so it wouldn't move during string changes, but there is no reason to take all of the strings off at one time (I don't believe).

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