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Tune-o-matic help

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Hi, I was working on a les paul for a friend of mine, been doing this for a while, but I've never run into this one, I'm not quite sure how to remove the tune-o-matic bridge pieces that the actual bridge screws in there, sorry, that's about the only thing that I don't know the name of. I think it's the post, it's either that or the post screws into it. I just want to know how to remove them without damaging the body.

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it's called an insert...or inserts(plural)

they require care to remove..i have a few old sets of posts that i screw in and then pull gently with pliars...but these are old posts that i am not going to re use

you can also wrap an old shirt around the posts really tight and pull..

AND there is a tool you can make that soapbar(i think) posted once which i am sure would be the best method

but why do you even need to remove them?most work can be done(even finishing) with them still in the body

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The best way to remove the post is as follows:

1. Tape around the hole

2. Place several washers larger than the diameter of the hole on top of the hole.

3. Place a washer smaller than the diameter of the stud screw head on top of these washers.

4. Screw in the stud screw, as you screw it in, the inserts will slowly pull up out of the body.

I've done this several times and haven't done any damage to the surrounding paint or wood. It works very well.

I recommend you take your stud screw down to the hardware store to get the correct size washers.

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