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Customizing Stock Inlays??


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I was wondering how (if possible) to put in custom inlays into a prefinished guitar. Ive looked everywhere for info, but have came up short.. This forum doesnt "seem" to have anyone asking, so if its a stupid question.. just tell me and ill give it up.. Thx if NE of yalls know...

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Welcome to the forum GutenBurg :D

I corrected the font thing for you on the post, anyway.........

Your going to have to pull the frets and then do a standard inlay job starting from there. Routing out the shape after you scribe it onto the wood, gluing it in then leveling it down and polishing it off, then of course refretting the neck.

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Hey Brian.... not to change the subject around ... but what if you were going to scallop the entire neck (ala Yniwie, Blackmore, etc, etc) would you still need to:

1: pull all your frets

2: do your inlay

3: re-fret

4: scallop the neck.

I guess it would depend on the type of inlay.. how simple or how complicated... What do you think?

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