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Concerter upgrade

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I recently dug out my first guitar, and old Concerter 3/4 acoustic. one of the tuners is broken (they would need replaced anyway), I lost the saddle (which also needed replaced), and some of the bracing FELL OUT. haha.

Anyway, here is my plan (in no particular order):

Replace tuners

Replace saddle (tailpiece is great)

Replace nut (cracked)

Cut a curve into the end of the fretboard (as with a classical guitar)


Attach new pickguard (has screwholes where old one was)

Try to install more braces

Install pickup system

Install strap system

What I need to know is:

Where can I find a pickup for such a small soundhole? (3.25")

What kind of saddle can I get? The old one moved around a lot and there was no real solid way to keep the intonation set. I fear a TOM will be too high.

Other notes:

18 frets

~22" scale length

Somewhat- trapeze style tailpiece

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