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neck questions again...

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Hello there,

I'm building a 25.5 scale length, 22 fret stratocaster style guitar. Its my first true guitar that I'm trying to build. I just have a few basic questions mostly about the neck, and the main one I have is how long is the headstock normally from the nut and what is the basic spacing for the strings? Does the width at the end have to be a specific measurement or can it be any measurement (within reason) because for the template I drew, I had a length of 2 1/8.

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Generaly headstocks with 6 inline tuners are roughly 7-1/2" long after the nut.

Yes there are several "standards" for the spacing of the nut of a neck. The two most popular are 1-5/8" is the strat standard, 1-11/16" for wider ibanez necks... String spacing is kinda tricky, and has to be kinda logrithmic due to the changing size of the strings.

Stew mac sells this ruler specifically designed for marking string spacing on new nuts. Or you could try and copy the spacing from an existing nut you have, just be sure to measure to the center of the slot.

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