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Polyueratane Resin


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Alrighty dudes :D

I've just been outside of the office for a quick :D and found.......

......50 litres of polyueratane resin :D

Before I decide to steel some, is it suitable for guitars? It's some tough stuff, we use it for jointing cables that have 11,000 Volts running through them. Dries clear too B)

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Man, that is some caustic stuff. Be VERY careful when working with it- use gloves and a ventilator/mask. All of the clear casting resins are goopy and messy and will positively ruin your manicure.

Don't forget that you'll need to nab some of the catalyst as well. The catalyst is used to harden and/or dry the resin.

What am I talking about? Don't steal it! Ask your co-workers to show you how much fun it is to play with. That will probably change your mind quickly.

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Yeah man, it's some real dangerous nasty stuff B)

Unfortunately I don't think it's going to suitable, been watching someone joint some cables today and it's a sort of unexpected sand/dissentry colour :D

Never mind I'll have to find something else. Now where's that Benzene

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No doing shots of MEK on company time!


If you want something cool to work with that's just "kinda caustic", check out polyester resin. It's still gnarly stuff (wear your brothers clothes when working with it), but a little more 'beginner friendly'. Done correctly, the mold will come out totally clear.

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