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Are any of you selling custom necks?


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I was casually following that lazyderek thread, i noticed a link to his webpage where he went through the steps along with some nice pictures. From what I can gather from the pictures, he did a pretty nice job (albeit a bit on the late side) then I noticed the price, $90!. Doesn't this seem a bit on the cheap side? It seems like anything else hand made, its a pretty labour intensive process and youve got to at least pay yourself a decent rate for doing it.

Im just curious, no need to give away secrets, but what would you have charged for a neck job similar to dereks?

EDIT: im really not trying to open up a can of worms here, so lets not crank up the flames

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My pricing follows my experience... none. :D

I don't have a pricing fomula because I don't feel cocky enough to charge for something I know little about. I am building a guitar for a friend but I'm only charging material cost. I'm doing it for experience, fun and as a favor for a good friend.

Someday my time may be worth something but for now I'm just playing.

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I was approached by a few folks around the same time Jeff L picked up his commision - I'm pretty sure I declined to make a neck for the same guy, since I wasn't comfortable with my experience level.

It hasn't come up recently, but I think I'd probably do the same now. I'm taking commisions from folks I know for instruments, but the neck is one area which gives me the wobblies - purely because I'd hate to get a bad rep based on poor wood selection. Unless you've got a stock pile of wood, which has been sitting in stable conditions for at least a few months (preferably a few years), you're dealing with an unknown quantity.

FWIW I followed the progress of Derek's neck commision, and think he took his time to do it right. It may have been slow, but it was basically a freebie and the end result looks great. I think his only mistake was tying himself to a timescale which he couldn't keep too.

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I would not at my current level of experience sell my work. When I get to that point, I think my pricing would be along the lines of material cost + 10% (the material cost being the price of what I need to buy if I don't mess up; any messing up should payed by me).

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As far as I can remember the only charge for that neck was the cost of materials or something like that,

From YDoesGodMockMeSo

I told him what I wanted, in terms of specs and parts.

I sent him an AutoCAD file of the design and asked how much he would charge for something like what I planned. He stated

that since he was a novice guitar builder and had not completed a neck, he would only charge me for parts because it would

be a learning experience for him.

Custom Neck are freaking expensive!

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