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new guy right here *points down*

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hey im really new, so ill probably get some weird looks from you guys, but what the hell... i have this beat up ibanez and had a couple ?'s. there's some big chunks in the side and back of the body and i wanted to know what the easiest way to do that is. someone suggested wood filler, but i have no idea what to do after that or anything. another question i have is i want to put figured veneer on the top and stain it black and i have no idea where to get the veneer. so if any of you know where a good place to get veneer in the minnesota reigion, please tell me. and what kind of stain should i use. i have never done anything like this when it comes to refinishing, so if you couldhelp me out thatd be great. thanks a lot! :D

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ahoy! so i had a woodworking sort of guy tell me that my best bet with the chips is to use plain wood filler. but i really don't know what to do after that, or even before that. Another question i have is how should i take off the current finish? and do i do the filler before that or after? aaand one more, i swear...what do i do after i put the filler on? im really sorry about all the stupid questions, but all ive ever done is play, not repair, so im kinda new. thanks for the input! :D

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