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Foto finish on an OLP

The Hurt

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I ran a search before this post and could not find anything. I was looking at this guitar olp and was curious about the foto finish he has in parenthesis. OLP website had the same thing listed with a film finish which I did find in the search. If this is the same thing would somebody let me know. Also is this thing worth it?

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I think the guy is mistaken If ya don't mind my saying so. It looks to me like a Maple Top on it but that's probably what the guy was told about the top.

edit:Yep, It's some kinda film of the maple, somehow fastened to the top of the thing.

Possibly Mylar with a maple like print on it.

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OLP's are given fair reviews for their price. Film and photo are the same thing. Just different words that mean the same thing. Film (photo) finishes are used a lot on low end guitars and some of the later Fender's. It is very common, just harder to refinish.

New they go for around $225.00 US new. :D

A good place to look at the reviews is harmonycentral.com

Here is the link

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