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Hello. I have a Washburn electric with poor intonation with my G-string. There are no guitar tech in the immediate area and I would have to drive miles and miles. I would just as soon fix it myself if possible. I have worked the screw under the bridge to no avail. Are there any other solutions? Anyone else have or have had this problem?

Thanks for any information.

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ok i am no expert guitar builder but i have built guitars before and set a few up. to set the intonation you are going to need a good tuner. ok first tune the string you are setting ,tune it as perfect as you can get it. then tune it to the 12th fret on the same string. press down very gently. if the note you fretted is flat move the saddle foward (towards the neck) if the note is sharp move the saddle back (away from the neck). do this a tiny bit at a time. after you move the saddle tune the string again (tune it open). then check it at the 12th fret to see if it if perfect, keep trying till you get it perfect. when it is intonated perfect both the open note and the fretted note at the 12th fret will read exactly the same. do this to all the strings and your guitar will sound better! i promis.

this may sound complicated but it is actually very somple and straight forward. and you will feel good that you intonated you guitar yourself, instead of paying a shop to do it.

i hope this helps, later on

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