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Neck Sanding Qustion


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I'm wondering if anyone could help me out here. I just got done with my last set of coats of nitro satin on my maple/maple neck (8 coats total). I'm going for an almost natural raw feel. My question is since I’m going for a matte raw feel, not glossy or shiny, how long should I wait for it to cure before I start sanding? Also should I wet or dry sand? And what grit to start and end with? Thanks for any help that you can provide :D

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Welcome to our insanity. I enjoy it, anyways.

With nitro, patience is the key. Let it sit at LEAST 2 weeks before final sanding. Letting it sit longer is not a bad idea.

As for wet sanding: Yes, but use sandpaper that is set up for wet sanding. If you do a search on wet sanding or finish sanding, or check the tutorials on the main site, you will find entries covering the why's and wherefore's of wet and finish sanding.

When I do a neck, I usually start with 320 grit, and go all the way to buffing compounds, because I like a very smooth and silky feeling neck.

Take care and take photo's.

Guitar Ed

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All lacquer should be sanded and smoothed.

What Jeremy said was that the reason satin looks satiny is due to some additive in the lacquer, NOT because you stop at 1000, or 2000, or something like that, basically stopping before you're done, which was the question that was asked.

IE, to get a satin finish, can't I just stop at 1000 grit instead of going all the way up?

And his answer was no.

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