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bass guitar scale length?

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hey castneter, Welcome to the forum!

I've heard of bass guitar scales ranging from 30" up to I think 39".

The most common scale I have seen is 34" and next after that would be 35" which is fairly common especially on 5 string basses. If you're wanting to go over 34" be aware that some of the strings you buy may be too short. If you go over 35" you will have to shop around a bit for your strings.

How do I know? LaBella Deep Talking Tapewounds (almost $50!). Sounded like the greatest thing so I picked up a set for my 5 string fretless 35" scale bass project. THEY NO FIT! I decided to just make it a 34" instead to avoid future surprises with other brands I may want to try.

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While -almost- every 4 string on the market is 34", there are quite a few "short scale" basses, like some Danelectros or Rickenbackers, that are 30" or 32", and many 5 string (or 6) basses are 35-38" scale.

I personally like the feel of 35", but it feels distinctly bigger. I don't like anything smaller than 34". Just play some basses and figure out what you prefer!

Oh, and welcome to tha big PG!

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