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Mahogany Tele Update and Questions

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This weekend I did a practice run of carving a tele body out of mahogany. I think it came out pretty well and I want to post a pic, but I can't seem to figure out how... Any suggestions?

Also I have a few questions about making the neck. Here goes. I have a mahogany neck blank measuring 1X4X27". I want to add an ebony fretboard to it. Am I correct in thinking that the thickness of the blank needs to be 13/16ths? If so, what is the best way to bring it down to thickness? I don't have access to a planer. I was thinking of marking 3/16ths off on the board and cutting it off with my bandsaw... is that reasonable?

In any case, after I do get the board down to the right thickness... I am planning to copy the dimensions of another neck I have down on to the board. Then I will mark the Nut and the Last fret. Then the center line. Using these measurements, I rout for a HOT ROD Truss from Stewmac using their router bit that they sell. Then I will cut out the neck using my bandsaw. Then place the rod in the hole with a bit of silicone. Then put masking tape over it and smear a bunch of glue on to the board and clamp down the fretboard. Is that pretty much the process or am i missing anything?

Thanks in advance for your help and advice.


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