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Requesting help with special wiring


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Hello this is my first post but I've been reading through the forum for quite a while a have learned a lot. I would greatly appreciate help for a wiring schematic for a strat I am building.

I will be using 3 DP/DT push/pull pots to replace the volume and 2 tone pots. From top-to-bottom the pots will be: (1) Master volume, (2) Master tone (controls all 3 pups), and (3) a modified blender knob.

When pulled, the master volume pot will turn-on the neck pickup and put it in series with whatever it is combined with on the 5-way.

When pulled, the master tone pot will make the bridge pickup out-of-phase.

The third pot is a lil' more comlpex. What I'm looking for is to have my bridge pickup "always on" so this is really a volume for the bridge. When "off" om knob position 1 it won't interefere with the stock 5 strat tones, but when dialed-in, say to level 10, I will have the following 5 parallel tones:

neck / bridge

meck / middle / bridge

middle / bridge

middle / bridge


When pulled this bridge volume pot will make the bridge series.

So, if the bridge volume is turn-up and it is pulled I will (should?) have these tones:

bridge in series with neck

bridge in series with neck plus the middle in parallel

bridge in series with middle

bridge in series with middle


By pulling the master tone pot I would have access to the previous tone combinations but the bridge would be out of phase.

And by pulling the volume pot the neck would be always on and in series.


All 3 pots are pulled, and the bridge blender volume is "on." If the 5-way is on middle I would get all 3 pups in series with the brodge out of phase.

Volume pot is pulled, other two arent pulled and bridge voluem pot is off. With 5-way selector at middle position I woudl have neck and middle in series.

I understand that there are a handful of combinations where 2 pups would be in series and my do whatever they do to eachother when that happens, but besides that I should get a really nice number of tonal combinations from this setup as well as having the ability to dial-in the bridge.

Can someone please help? :D

Thank you.


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Wow.. That's a lot of sounds.. If you give me some time, I should be able to do a schematic up for you.. Just something to note, though.. Some of those combinations may not sound that much different or, even if they do, may not really have much of a use..

I'm talking from experience here because I did some mother of a wiring on a Strat and came up with plenty of different tones.. After a while, I realised that all I was using was the 5 basic Strat combinations.. :D Go figure, eh?

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