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Painting a Pickup?


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I am going to paint a couple of my EMG pickups and was wondering what product to use to seal them after I paint em that wont affect the pickups from working properly? I am looking for something simple like a spray can that could be purchased from my local hardware or art store. Thank you!


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helpful post :D

I cant be too much more helpful, but in a painting tutorial on the main website Brian mentioned he had success painting pickups with acrylic artist paints, which you could pick up easily without too much trouble. Im not sure how to answer your sealing question, but I'm pretty sure painting the covers wont affect the sound... unless you lay the stuff on really thick, then it might be a different story.

Good luck,

- Dan

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I am into pickup winding and asked this question at a pickupmakers forum as I can only get black and red forbon in 1.6mm and only red in 2.4mm to make bobbins. I thought of spray painting the flatwork and was advised to use acrylic paint.

There is a product called "bobbin toppers" which you can apply to the top bobbin straight over pole pieces. Do a search at google and it should come up.

I am pretty sure that administrators here know about bobbin toppers.

Do a search or resources etc here.

Dont know how long they would last or really how long painting them would last either. I'm still in the experimental stages.

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