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Refinish help- acrylic or nitro

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I have a guitar I am refinishing and it is at the stage of the dullish white primer.

I do not know whether or not to proceed in acrylic or nitrocellulose because I don't kno what this base is.

-Is there any way to find out which one this is


-I know I can't use nitro and acrylic, but if this is a nitro base, can I put acrylic on top of that?

Any help would be appreciated-



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I didn't apply the primer, it was on there already.

Thanks for the welcome Brian.

I'll pick up some lacquer thinner and try that technique VH suggested.

But how will I know if its nitro or acrylic? Or is that thinner just for the nitro lacquer?

From what I've read so far, if its acrylic I keep going with acrylic, but if its nitro- I have to go with nitro finishes on top.

Is that correct?

How do I tell the difference here?

So if its a catalyzed primer, whats the next step?

I guess in any situation, whats the next step here?

Am I confusing myself more than needed?



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