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wood storage

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B) My attic will get in excess of 135 degrees w/98% humidity. Perfect conditions for curing 'boat' wood. :D

might want to insulate your house better...even here in texas our attics are as dry as a bone...hot yes,but dry...

or maybe you should check the humidity levels..they may not be as high as you think they are

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Yes I agree on Westtheman. 98% humidity in an attic doesn't sound real. Even if you live in a very wet location. According to my knowledge, attics are the most dry places in a building and cellars are the dampest.

Humidity here is generally between 50-75% in summers and sometimes it hits 95% and around 30-40% in winters. My attic stays hot as hell but dry.

I live in an apartment and I was storing my woods in a wooden closet with lots of silica gels in it. I was not sure silica gels were useful on storing woods though. It is the same stuff we use to store thin glass sheets in the factory to prevent them to stick to each other and they work very good there.

But then I placed my woods and stuff in my parents house in their attic. It is better there.

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