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Adhesives for Material Finish

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I was working on a couple of material finishes. I'm basically following the material finish tutorial from Project Guitar, but there are a couple of things I was wondering about. The tutorial says to strip the guitar to bare wood, but I was wondering whether some of the new heavy-duty adhesives, specifically 3M P-90 (a spray-on adhesive), might allow you to skip the laborious stripping/sanding operation? The only disadvantage would be that once you put the material in place, there would be no adjustment possible. Anyone tried this stuff?

My other question concerns the "sanding sealer" described in the tutorial. I can't find any Lacquer Sanding Sealer (seen in the picture on the tutorial) around here except in 5-gallon buckets. Could someone recommend a specific product that might be easier to find? A local furniture refinisher said that whatever I use, I had best make sure it says "dries water clear" or else it's apt to yellow over time. He also said that anything with lacquer in it is VERY hard to work with (dries almost instantly) and if I used that, I should plan on loading it in a sprayer, which I don't have. So I can't figure out what to use.



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Hi stratoskier,

First of all, were are you located, if you are in the staes there are a few places you can order the sanding sealer online, stewmac.com and re-ranch are 2 of them, or in places like home depot and Lowes, they have it in pint and quart sizes.

Almost all spray laquer will yellow over time, but it's not quickly, it takes several years to do so. With the exeption of the automotive 2 part poly they all will eventually yellow.

I don't know the reaction of the spray adesive on this but I use the 3M fast foam one I think is the 77 or 74, and it's great for fabrics, now this I have done on fabric covers that I don't clear over, so I think you should try on a scrap before doing your guitar. Always try a scrap before!

Hope this might help!

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