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Basswood ibanez

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so i have a already all fixedup playable ibanez 7 string and its all good, ilove it with all my heart

bad part

its bare naked no finish paint nothing. nada , bare wood


idont know hwat to put on it, some guy sed to juss put tung oil on it by using steel wool .001? or somthing i forget,

i wanted to juss protect it without effecting its great tone

any advice?

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If all you're concerned about is tone... Who cares? Finish that sucker with the tung oil! :D Most of the RG 7 bodies I've seen are usually made of 3 or more pieces of basswood. To test what it's going to look like, get a clean rag and through some mineral spirits on it. It'll darken the wood a hair like the tung oil so you can see what it's going to look like. Let it dry out and then go for it. When I do tung oil, I use the '0000' steel wool and do several coats over several days. Done!

Let us know what you decide on and how it turns out. B)


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thanks, i really like the reference to the tung oil section thing, good stuff

is there a proper technique to rub on? im not really familiar with this stuff,

i juss dab the 0000 rag on the tung oil and rub it on the guitar?

and another hting, if i wanted a slight tint like varnish or the vintage color of gibson SG's could i add like c ouple drops of some paint? or would that not work?

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You would need some type of oil soluable die to tint it. A way to apply it is just to use a cotton rag and rub it on. Use a few coats and use some 0000 steel wool to clean it up. The best thing to do, though, is to follow the directions on the can.

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