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Killer Whales Inlay

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Thanks Jeremy.

I've been holding back on this one for some time now just because of those competition comments :D

Once you hit a certain level of quality of cuts and routing, the only place left to go is originality of design and creativity, something that really is personal, not competitive. Of course reproduction is also flattery. I try to emulate those I feel are an inspiration.

As far as real inlay business competition goes I have never, and most likely won't ever, taken a commission from anyone on this forum. The few that have asked for me to do inlay work for them I have referred to Jeremy.

The whales are cool.

My next inlays are self competitive. I'm working on Living sea-3. Top secret inlays until they debut at the ASIA show in June. It's going to out-do anything I've done yet. B)


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