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Yup. Sand the wood nice and flat before shes finished, sand the color coat dry, then sand the last clear coat with wet....Simple as pie :D

you're nuts, sand the color coat???? why would you sand a color coat unless you screwed up spraying it??? You should NEVER sand any color coat unless you have the intention of respraying the color coat.

Also, wet dry paper isn't as nice for sanding wood as the aluminum oxide paper (red backed dry paper). It loads up much faster.

Wet dry paper should be used for sanding clear coats only, and for clear I use 600 through 2000, however, your very last coat of clear should not need to be sanded with anything more than 2000.

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Why shouldnt the color coat be sanded? B)

Wet sand the color coat with 2000 grit then spray the clear and wet sand that to 2000 then buff...thats what i do? I dont see the problem here? Must read more painting article things i guess.... :D

And your not the only one that thinks im nuts :D

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If you're spraying laquers they melt into each other, but if you are spraying urethanes, enamels, etc, if you have to mask over it, paint will probably lift, if you chip it the paint is much more likely to flake, and over time it can cause hazing, some effects might not be immediate, but will happen over time.

I've been painting a long time, you can sand your color coats if you want, but I have never had a clear adhesion or color adhesion problem.

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Why do people tell you to sand any coats other than the last one, then?

When spraying laquers the only reason to sand between coats really is if you have a really bad coat, with runs or something. The paint will melt together but it won't smooth out a run.

When using 2 part paints, or even paints that cure hard withint 24 or 48 hours, you sand for a few reasons.

1. If there are imperfections in the previous coat they will only become enhanced with more coats.

2. When the paint can't melt into itself like laquers can, they need some "tooth" to adhere to each other, sanding with 600 grit will give it some tooth to bite into.

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