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My Amp Keeps Going Out


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its pissing me off, my peavey renown keeps cutting out, i love the amp and i dont wanna replace it unless i HAVE TO... i know theres a number of problems that could be wrong with it... i dont have 60 bux to take it to a guitar store to get it looked at, i have to hit it to make it come back sometimes.... :DB):D

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i had a similiar cutting out deal hapening on a crate that i got used, it just cut the signal and it would work sporatically if you jiggle the input cord, me and my granpa opened it up and checked all the solder joints, and we found that one of the solder joints on the jack was de-soldered, luckily even though it was surface mounted it was on a giant island so there was no chance of gettting on other smd parts.

my advice is to check the solder joints, and all screwed on contacts. as a preliminary step before giving out big bucks for what might have been a simple repair

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it still could be your input jack though

On my Peavey Bandit, there is the high and low inputs, the High one, the ground needs to be re-soldered, but the low is fine, if i plug into high, it cuts out every once in a while

So, you still might want to check it out :D


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For starters, go over every ground and chassis connection. Most cutting-out problems are due to either loose solder connections on the grounds or bad input jacks. Second, replace your input jacks. Third, check the resistance of your volume pot and try jiggling it around a little. My little Peavey Audition had a similar problem last year and replacing the pots cured that.

Peavey's customer service, even for out-of-warranty items, is excellent. You can call 'em up or go to their support forum and get the parts you need anytime.

$60 for a diagnostic is not a bad price at all. I once paid $120 to get an amp looked at and another $50 for repairs because I didn't have time to do it. After that, I decided I'd use my electronics education and fix 'em myself. But if you really don't know what you're doing, take it to someone who does. It's probably not a plug-n-play fix.

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