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I recently bought a Telecaster-type body from:


And am very satisfied with the product. "My Tele-Body" has not been made yet. It's just sitting here with what other parts I have ready-to-go for my first (semi-project) solid-body guitar.

I came across Musikraft via a Gooogle on "make a Telecaster." Here's what I found:

Building A Telecaster, by James V. Roy

Like Mr. Roy, I ordered & got a "paint grade" Tele-body which was $85/ and $92 total (with shipping). That's "my post" at the bottom as "Rick C."

In any event, Wow, is this a nice body! Unfortunately I don't have a pic to post (just yet, will soon). It is: A Vintage (1950) Broadcaster Body (1 & 1/2" thick) and weighs in at 4.8 pounds. I'm not sure, but have reasons to believe it is Hard (Northern "Baseball Bat" Ash)...judging from the weight, grain & color.

Has anyone else used any Musikraft products?

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Hi Rick,

I have used MusiKraft for both bodies and necks. I have had mixed results with them, but they have been very responsive. Lately I have been going with USACG because Tommy is such a nice guy, and I have been wanting some unique and bizarre stuff that USACG was best equipped to handle.

One thing on MusiKraft: They are the only people that I have found who will build a Tele neck with a double action truss rod in it.

Guitar Ed

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Thanx for that info & input, guitar ed!

(or would you rilly-be: "guitared?")

In which case: we'd share a common addiction....

In any event,




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