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Im thinking of giving my quitar a laminated maple veneer but there are a few things im not sure about. First of all, will i need to raise all the cavities after putting on the veneer. Im afraid that my trem or pickups wont be high enough.

another thing is, in what order should i paint,clear coat,dye and glue?

should i paint the back first, or should i dye the veneer first? should i dye the veneer before or after attaching it to the guitar? Can i put the clear coats on both the back and the veneer at the same time. thats about it. Sorry for troubleing you guys. thanks.

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:D I'll get you started, check out some of the tutorials over on the main site for coloring the veneer. I wouldn't recommend trying to do that before you install it nor would I recomend using a heavy wet coat as it generally cause's the veneer to swell up and lift off the adhesive holding it to the body.

I think you'll also find most of the thin veneers won't be much of a problem when it comes to raising the hardware since they are pretty thin to begin with.

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