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Strawberry Ice On A Bass Guitar/answer


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i raised the question a few days ago about whether or not the strawberry ice mod would work on a bass. i've tried it now so it seems fair to share the answer. i just got my first shipment of diodes in, wired up a couple of switches and have been trying them on every type of guitar i have in the shop. it works extremely well on guitars with humbuckers, especially hot humbuckers. doesn't do much at all on tele's and strats. but here's where it really kicks it. i have an old, beat up, abused gibson sg bass. it has a couple of pretty hot pickups that i dropped in it a long time ago. i plugged it in to a peavy tnt 130, cranked the treble and the volume up and cut it loose. it's one of the funkiest sounds you've ever heard. you could make your dog leave home, your parents disown you and your neighbor's ears bleed with this mod.

by the way, you can try the strawberry ice mod on any guitar you own without hurting it. just pull the input jack and solder it up outside of the guitar. if you don't like it unsolder it and no harm done.

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i used the bat 41. i was going to experiment with a couple of others but they sent me some unrecognizable stuff by mistake instead of what i ordered. it's pretty amazing that something that little can make all that difference.

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