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Help Wiring A Invader


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Hello everone

I am wiring my strat with a single SD invader and need some help. This is the schematic I am looking at http://www.seymourduncan.com/website/suppo...1hum_1vol.html/

It says that the bare and green wires are soldered to the ground. Can I solder them to the backof the volume pot?

The schematic also shows black wire from the pot that needs to be grounded. Can I solder that wire to the tremolo block?

And the last question is the wire that I need to ground from the output jack can I solder that to the back of the volume pot?

If I need to do anything else please tell me.

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yes,no,and yes

i can't see your schematic though so i am taking your word for the color of the ground wires on that pickup...i don't remember what mine had

but ground the one you were going to put on the trem block to the trem claw instead,as it doesn't move all the time like the block does

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the black wire on the pickup does not go to the trem claw...it goes to the volume pot,it is not a ground...that is your hot wire

the wire that goes to the trem claw is attached at the other end to the common ground at the back of the volume pot...that is a completely seperate wire

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